We are currently crafting the plan and your inputs are much appreciated

Thursday May 5, 2022

We are currently crafting the plan and your inputs are much appreciated

I’d like to see UBI talked of more by Filipino economists and policy makers there

Thank you for your insights. Much appreciated. Please feel free to send us messages directly through twitter (so as to avoid the possible telegraphing of punches, so to speak). Again thank you very much.

That’s the wrong way of seeing this IMHO, propaganda is propaganda meaning its meant to be spread. There should be no secret messages (of course internally , yes).

You got halo-halo special… you can either compartmentalize and eat layer by layer, or mix it up as intended to get the fullness of the flavor (the whole point of it all).

I think Kiko Pangilinan as a sportive man from college years – and THE man who won the affection of megastar Sharon Cuneta – is referring to something else.

He has understood that this Philippine elections are like a street fight at worst and MMA at best, and in such fights the opponent not knowing where the “punches” will come from in advance means they are playing catch up.

Mix it up, NH

The myriad socmed groups and pink caravans pro Leni were the vital “first punch” in a country that has a bandwagon mentality. It is like the sudden massing of people on EDSA had an element of surprise even for an aging but still sly strategist like Makoy.

Counterpunches like the Commonwealth caravan of BBM supporters were not really a surprise to me, though I did feel a certain sense of shock among SOME kakampinks. The 1980s equivalent to that were of course the loyalist gatherings after February 1986.

Miyako (a transgender mix of Visayan settler and Lumad from Davao with a http://loansolution.com/title-loans-ca/ degree in anthropology from UP, curiously she publicly admitted having had a crush on my father while she was still gay and attended his lectures because of that, authority figure etc.) and you LCPL_X are without an agenda like that, not so sure about Juan Luna, though he could just be an incoming new blog pundit, this could be his blog as Heneral Luna and Juan Luna were brothers, don’t know:

Of course all camps are making up their strategy as they go along, as Clausewitz wrote the first shot makes all plans obsolete, but the pink approach is similar to McArthur’s – and Joe’s – bee fleet concepts. It utilizes the Filipino agility and diversity at local level.

For me, Juan Luna could very well be a sabateur, but my focus is more does he bring doable and quality ideas to the table. Because that’s all that matters, if he is actually pro-BBM, but the ideas he spouts end up helping VP Leni, oh well.. too bad for him. Steal it.

I totally agree with Micha that we’re on the cusp right now, with CBDC and crypto and Web 3.0, and I think VP Leni could totally do something big, instead of the tried and old methods that’s just becoming obsolete fast– as China and the US are fast realizing.

Just so Filipinos are exposed to the idea. More now are open to it than before when Andrew Yang started talking about it.

“For me, Juan Luna could very well be a sabateur…” -– Guys, what do I get in messing up your discussion here? To sabotage is to “deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage.”

Am I really doing that here? Like I said, I’m here to join the discussion and I am (kapal ng mukha ko to admit) a pundit, an amateur one. I’m here to share just like I do in other blogs, even in Youtube. I usually play a devil’s advocate because it’s fun to do and at the same time I, and we, learn something out of arguing, debating and discussing issues. You get to strengthen and establish your ideas, I get the chance to test your capability to do it. And always it’s the other way around.

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