If your sex drive is that much higher it might stir him up to see you in action

Tuesday May 3, 2022

If your sex drive is that much higher it might stir him up to see you in action

If you like being sexy and you want to be naughty with other men why not see if your husband wants to be included – to see you get it different way?

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But here’s a thought. If you can find a way to bring it into your marriage it might help to build a stronger bond. You could plan your adventures together. Men are quite visual and he may like being part of it. I

You ask what will people say? Well I can say how things worked for us. To me my wife is very beautiful. A sexy full busted Terri Hatcher type. Like you, she said no. Said I was nuts. didn’t love her etc.. but after months of pillow talk she, like you, said she would. I really loved it. She wasn’t too happy but went along with it for me. Months later we did it again. And again. By the 5th guy she got off. Well this was fantastic! So I got greedy and stupid with it and she got mad. I apologized and we went away on holiday. She was still angry and decided to teach me a huge lesson -and she went on a sex marathon – and made me watch her each time asking me if I still thought she was hot. I thought I had lost her, She had me begging and pleading for her to stop. She after three days and nights she did. I apologized and told her I would never do that again – that if I wanted to her be part of a fantasy she had the right to pick who was in it. We made up

Since then and for fifteen years we sample our wild side a few times a year. She picks who she wants and we set it up. We keep it safe – most of the men are carefully selected friends or men we know. Why? They are happily ilies so they have lots to lose – so they are discrete. And the variety doesn’t allow for a hookup apps for black people relationship to develop. It’s like a buffet dinner – pick what you feel like – instead of food it is what she is in the mood for humor, size, romance, rough – whatever the mood she is in. That’s fine with me.

After a about four years of an active straight marriage I asked her to get sexy with a guy we would pick

So what do people say? From the men we know . Nothing. The guys who are our friends appreciate the life we have and get to have wild sex. For example – Once in a while my darling wife will feel like a marathon. So I will arrange to go away with four of the guys on a fishing weekend at the lake. My wife comes along and does what she likes when she likes. A few of the guys wish their wives would want to play – but don’t ask.

Your husband is a self employed talented artist. If you live in a religious town and people cluck. find a community that fits you both and move there. You husband will find lots of work. And who knows.. you may even help close a deal. Don’t laugh. It happens

Cuckold? It’s just a word. And for us we all joke about it. It means a guy has a very attractive wife that other want to screw – what do they call a guy who married to a frigid frump – lots sure come to mind

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